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About Kolsell

We're a US based MCN company who provides product promotion service to other cross-boarding e-commerce owners who are looking for American influencers/KOLs to promote their products. We've been collaborating with different influencers/KOLs in the US, helping clients scale their business in this country

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How Kolsell works

Step 1

Find a category

browse our site and look for the product category you want to promote

Step 5

Regularly Check

Our team will regularly update the status of the promotion campaign with you

Step 2

Show interest

Once you find a specific product category, click on the "Show interest" button to submit a form

Step 6

Project closed

Once the service term is end, we'll close this project

Step 3

Get in touch

Once you submit the "show interest" form, our team will review and we'll get in touch with you if you meet our collaboration requirements

Step 4

Promotion Design

Our team will work closely with you to design a detailed product promotion plan


Service Request Form

Get in touch by filling out the form. We’ll respond as soon we can.

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Client Reviews

Sarah Thompson

"Working with Kolsell and their network of Key Opinion Leaders has been an absolute game-changer for our brand. Their influencers truly understand our aesthetic and resonate perfectly with our target audience. The campaigns have generated substantial traffic to our website, increasing not only our visibility but also boosting our sales significantly. The seamless coordination and dedication shown by Kolsell make them an indispensable partner in our marketing strategy."

James Lopez

"Kolsell's tailored approach helped our tech startup reach the right demographic in record time. The influencers they paired us with were knowledgeable about the industry and made authentic recommendations that built immediate trust with potential customers. We're impressed with the ROI we received through their campaigns and look forward to collaborating again soon!"

Michelle Park

"As a wellness brand, credibility is crucial for us. Kolsell’s team connected us with reputable influencers who have significant clout in the health space. Their recommendations were not only well-received but also provided immediate traction, leading to a noticeable increase in engagement and sales. Their platform made the whole process smooth and efficient, and the results exceeded our expectations."

Laura Jennings

“Our partnership with Kolsell has been pivotal in expanding our reach in the home decor market. Their Key Opinion Leaders effectively showcased our products in a way that appealed directly to our audience. The steady increase in social media engagement and website traffic was tangible proof of their impactful campaigns. We couldn't be happier with the results!”

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